The Talk R-evolution Manifesto

This is my Declaration of Social Interdependence.

Zombie Nation

Society doesn’t know where it’s going anymore.  People are too busy looking down at their hand-held devices instead of attending to life happening around them.

A woman almost walked into incoming traffic because she was that into her phone conversation.

This guy was so busy texting in a busy corridor that he didn’t bother looking up as people shoved past him in order to get by.

Welcome to the new opiate for the masses.

What makes us human — the ability to articulate concepts, feelings, ideals and convictions — is disappearing, rapidly.

Our difficulty in getting our point across is hardly a surprise.

[blockQuote position=”center”] Y botha tlkn 2 ur M8 when u can TTL? [/blockQuote]

When text shorthand enters e-mail correspondence at the work place, that’s when we’ve got serious problems.


A Sea of Islands

We talk to total strangers on the other side of the planet, and yet we feel more isolated.

I had a manager who sat 5 feet away from me and she still asked me questions through e-mail!

Whether we are listening to music, texting, checking e-mails, Tweeting, making Facebook updates — our eyes are glued to a screen.

God forbid we look up, make eye contact and suffer the inconvenience of talking to somebody.

The reason why communication breakdowns are ‘normal’ these days is because we’ve lost the art of conversation.


The Talk R-evolution is about having satisfying conversations.

Effective communication isn’t saying the right thing to appeal to the left-brained.

It’s speaking up when it counts — even when you’re scared shitless.

Talking with confidence means taking a closer look at the conversations you’re having.

Seeing where you’re being half-assed and holding back, afraid you might stand out.

Talking with purpose to really connect with people.

Finding out what gets you out of bed in the morning, besides the paycheck.

Expressing yourself in a way that you can live with — and get that VIP’s vote of confidence.

[blockQuote position=”center”] The Talk R-evolution is about talking about what matters most to you — balls to the wall — every single time. [/blockQuote]

Go do something r-evolutionary with yourself!

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