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The Talk R-evolution Coaching

As The Talk R-evolution Coach, I will help you to become a larger, kinder, stronger version of yourself. Building your confidence as you tackle that daunting project at work. Enhancing your personal life so you can go beyond surface relationships. Leading with purpose so your success looks more like a legacy than a paycheck…. (more info)


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R-evolve Your Style

You are unique, someone with particular tastes.  Your needs don’t fit the 1-size fits all label. I am available for private consultations with corporate clients who are looking for a specialized approach targeting their organizational concerns, as well as with private clients who require personal counsel with sensitive, yet sensible and straight-forward touch… (more info)


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R-evolve Your Energetic Footprint

The Leadership Footprint Index assesses your personal leadership signature. It quantifies your current leadership capability and shows you why you’re not communicating as effectively as you would like. Find out what impressions you’re sending people when you’re not even saying a word and do something about it… (more info)



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