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Hi, I’m Nelly Mentor — Welcome to The Talk R-evolution!


Yes, “Mentor” is my family name.  As you can see, I was born to coach!  nellyaboutpic

I enjoy working with accomplished gentlemen like you who are in leadership positions.

Your decisions touch the lives of many—your loved ones, your community, your country, and the world.

And yet sometimes you fail to recognize the ripple effect of your actions.

You don’t appreciate enough your full potential in igniting positive change — with amazing results — in a way that’s authentic to you.

This is the kind of radical change I focus on in The Talk R-evolution.


The Talk R-evolution covers a wide range of services:

–          Personal & Professional Group Coaching

–          Consulting

–          Workshops & Training

–          Speaker Engagements


[blockQuote position=”center”]Who am I to coach a man on enjoying increased success in his life and profession?[/blockQuote]

There are times when a greater sense of understanding in life is achieved by looking at what we have in common. However there is also valuable insight to be sought from those with an outsider’s perspective.

This is what I bring to the table.


My male clients, looking for personal and professional coaching, bring these most common concerns:

–           How can I find meaning in life without abandoning myself?

–           I want to align who I really am with my actions and chosen lifestyle.

–           I’d like to improve my communication style, and connect with my audience for more effective results.

–           Redefine how I relate to others in my personal, intimate and professional relationships.

–           Be more mindful, while staying manly.

–           Appreciating my influence: The decisions I make, and how they impact those near and far.


As challenging as it may be for you to admit right now, many of the men who come to me secretly feel overwhelmed by the pressure of continuing stereotypes about masculine roles.

These men are often unaware of their:

–          Unexpressed, or overly-expressed anger and defensiveness

–          Intellectual myopia and emotional disconnect

–          Relationship “termites”

–          Passive- Aggressive assumptions

–          Resentment of women


This is why I developed my Steps to Talk R-evolution. Together, you and I will refine your goals and connnect them to your value systems so that you approach your conversations– and the rest of your life – with a fresh mindset.

With Steps to Talk R-evolution, I provide you with the guidance and tools you require to master the art of authentic and compassionate communication. I support you as you take a look at yourself with an honest, fearless perspective.

Even though you have achieved a great deal of success, both personally and professionally, together we can further enhance that success—by zeroing in on key areas of opportunity you may have previously overlooked.


[blockQuote position=”center”]Coaching Designed For YOU![/blockQuote]

As a dedicated leader, you have invested resources into your personal development. Then again, maybe you haven’t.

And now, you’ve hit a wall.


When you work with me, your coaching program will be custom designed – 360 degrees – just for you.

If you are not garnering the results you desire…

If you desire a higher level of success without compromising your ideals…

If you are not effectively engaging the people in your personal and professional life…

If your life or career is leaving you unfulfilled…

If you’re wondering if this is as good as it gets – and it’s all downhill past age 35…

Click here to fill out my contact form.


Let’s talk about how we can chart your course from “Good” to “Stellar.”


More About Me

I’m a certified professional coach; a graduate of the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC). I’m an amateur herbalist and Reiki practitioner. I love practicing yoga. For giggles, I’m learning Korean and Chinese Mandarin. To get my groove on, I dance Argentine Tango and Lindy Hop/Swing.


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