I am Nelly Mentor. The Talk R-evolution Coach. Helping you bring your cool to the front lines.


What’s my Story?

I was born a coach.  Hell, I even have the last name “Mentor”! How cool is that?

Talking didn’t come naturally to me.  You see, I was the quietest girl in class. I got good grades.  I loved playing classical piano. I was always volunteering to help with something. I was that girl you wanted to partner with on the class science project, and I played into that image, big time. But nobody knew who I was.

I thought getting into the New England university of my choice would be my ticket out of the sidelines. I figured people would start seeing the slightly anachronistic chick, with the perverse sense of humor, who was up for anything.

Didn’t happen.

After graduation, I followed my instincts to see life differently.  I went to the UK, pursuing a masters degree in Business Economics and launched my career in financial services.  I learned quickly that it wasn’t always merit that got me noticed but how well I could spin and make my boss look good.  I sustained trauma from repeatedly biting my tongue.

Then I rediscovered advocacy, corporate-style. I landed an analyst role at a global custodial bank with strong local community ties. I was involved in nonprofit organizations and employee engagement groups. I rediscovered my first love – helping people. I was motivated to seek out win-win situations.  I developed a reputation for being creative, promoting out-of-the-box solutions.

In 2010, I received my walking papers through corporate downsizing, and knew deep down they were a much needed kick in the ass to continue living my life by my rules.

They say that we often seek to teach others what we had struggled to learn ourselves. Today, I’m helping smart young professionals communicate better.

That’s why I started The Talk R-evolution.

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