The Trouble with New Year’s Resolutions

The running joke about new year resolutions is that nobody ever keeps them.


There are reasons as to why that is.  

First, we try to accomplish too much, too fast – and get discouraged quickly.

Second, reality sets in.  We realize that our level of commitment and the amount of energy we have don’t measure up.

We don’t talk enough about what we really want to achieve with our friends and family and ask for their support.  

It’s like we’re embarrassed for wanting.  We are afraid of what others would think.

[blockQuote position=”center”]What if I fail? Then I’d have explain to them what happened.”[/blockQuote]

Some of us aren’t lucky to have the support of people to keep us on track and encourage us towards creating wins.

This is where working with a professional coach can help you.


A good coach helps you accomplish what you want to achieve as quickly as possible.  They keep you on track.  They ask you focused questions.  

They will keep your confidence and not judge you.

They tell you when they see you acting against your interests.

They challenge you to stretch a little and accomplish more than you thought you could on your own.

Working with a coach increases the odds of your life looking clearer, with more rewards and enjoyment.

[blockQuote position=”center”]How?[/blockQuote]

What often holds us back isn’t our willpower.  It’s not our intelligence…it’s our fears – those annoying thoughts we have about what’s realistic and what we should avoid.

Coaching gets you talking out loud those fear-based thoughts that are making you play small right now.  

And, yes, I can help you get past them and move forward with confidence.  

That is, if you let me.


You have really big dreams for yourself.  You want to live large and be real.  

How about making this the year when everything shifts into overdrive?

Discover how my coaching style fits in with your goals. Contact me for your complimentary session here.

Talk to you soon.






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